• Starters

    • Edamame


      Fresh soy beans boil and tossed lightly with salt.

    • Gyoza


      steamed or fried pork dumplings, served with house soy.

    • Takoyaki


      Octopus puffs topped with flakes and topped with Takoyaki Sauce.

    • Eggroll


      Diced pork with shredded vegetables lightly season and served with house tempura soy.

    • Tempura Shrimp and Mixed Vegetables


      Buttered shrimp and peices of vegetables lightly seasoned, and served with house made tempura soy.

    • Nigiri Sampler


      Sushi Starter: Chef's choice.

    • Sashimi Sampler


      SUSHI STARTER: Chef's choice.

    • Tataki (Red or Albacore Tuna)


      SUSHI STARTER: Seared outside, thinly sliced, touch of lemon pepper and soaked in Japanese sweet soy

    • Carpaccio (Hamachi or Salmon)


      SUSHI STARTER: Thinly sliced and soaked in Japanese sauce, topped with jalapeno and Siracha.

    • Seaweed Salad

    • Spicy Crab or Spicy Tuna Salad

    • Cucumber Salad


      Noodle shaped cucumber, soaked in house vinegar. Add three topped with any fish.

    • Mango Salad


      Red Tuna or Salmon. Spring mix, avocado topped with Japanese dressing and special sauce.